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Pearl Collection

Gemstone Collection

Africanism Collection

2023 Collector's Edition Box

Bébé Collection

Pearl Collection

Charm Collection

Charm Collection

Hawai'i Collection

Hawai'i Collection

Hawai'i Collection

Ancient Egypt Collection

Charm Collection

Earring Collection

Africanism Collection

Bébé Collection

All you need is a single House of Sól to open the gateway to a world of exquisite jewels of

Hawai'i Collection

Ancient Egypt Collection


Explore our vintage-inspired, handmade charm collection for HoS necklaces and bracelets.


Discover our artisanal luxury earrings; they will become your wardrobe essentials.


It is not a necklace outfit? No worries, we also have an incredible collection of bracelets. Same unique designs, with even more captivating stories to tell.

Centuries-old Jewelry Craftsmanship

from Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

Slow Luxury

Enjoy the meticulously handcrafted pieces, where quality, sustainability, and timeless design triumph over mass production.

Handmade to Order

Sustainability meets artisanship, with each piece of jewelry handcrafted to order in the Grand Bazaar, only after your order is placed.

Tailored Orders

Thanks to our unique production structure, we can tailor each piece to your needs and desires, bringing personalized elegance to every order.

Ethically sourced pearls and gemstones

from the Asia Pacific and South America

Best Local Brand of the Year

In July 2023, House of Sól has been selected as the "The Best Local Brand of the Year" by Robb Report Magazine.

I've been wearing my necklace since the day I got it, even with my dressing gown. It's just too good!

Zeynep T.
Verified Buyer

"The only piece of jewelry I wear when I have important meetings or business dinners."

Rachel H.
Verified Buyer

Whenever I put it on, people can't help but ask about it. But I don't disclose the brand; it's my secret weapon, sorry not sorry.

Dana K.
verified buyer

As seen in

Protect your Finishing

Protect the exquisite sheen of your HoS jewelry by storing it in its beautifully crafted Kutnu pouch. Kutnu, a unique vintage fabric made of semi-silk, was once exclusively reserved for the clothing worn by the sultans of the Ottoman Empire.

Elevate its Brilliance

Elevate the brilliance of your HoS jewelry with the Connoisseurs' Premium Jewelry Wipes. As the unrivaled authority in jewelry care, it stands as our ultimate recommendation.

Gold Plating Service

We aspire to be the shining gem in your every moment, not just on special occasions. Embrace your HoS confidently, and whenever necessary, renew the gold plating to shimmer as brilliantly as it did on the very first day.


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