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Ama 海女

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Designer’s Note

"Ama," named after the legendary Japanese women divers known as 海女 (あま). These remarkable women, celebrated for their centuries-old tradition of free-diving for pearls, embody resilience and grace.

Our Ama necklace features stunning ombre South Sea white and Tahitian pearls, ranging from pristine white to peacock gray. These pearls are renowned for their exceptional quality, size, and natural luster, which distinguish them from freshwater pearls. South Sea and Tahitian pearls are prized for their unique colors and overtones, making each strand a rare masterpiece. The versatility of the Ama necklace allows you to showcase either the white or peacock gray side, along with the beautiful ombre transition.



The Ama necklace features hand silk-knotted, high-quality off round South Sea White and semi-baroque Tahitian Ombre pearls, complemented by a baby black rhodium HoS Lock.

  • Pearl String Length: 49 cm / 19.2 inches (approx)
  • Baby HoS Lock™: 2.5 cm / 1 inch

Please note that the pearls in the photo are representative. Due to the natural variations in pearls, each necklace may differ slightly.

This model is handmade to order, requiring a 2-week production time. This allows us flexibility for customizations and helps us minimize idle production.


Information about HoS pieces

Production process

All HoS pieces are handmade in Grand Bazaar, Istanbul by local artisans using time-honored traditions. We usually ship orders within a week. However, per our sustainability principles, we produce made-to-order. This gives us flexibility with customizations and lets us restrain idle production. Yet, occasionally, sourcing gemstones at our standard takes longer time. Therefore, we declare a 2 weeks production time policy.

Care instructions

We craft HoS pieces to last. However gemstones are wonders of nature that keep breathing. We appreciate new colors they bring to life after spending years with its owner. But, if you want to keep their initial condition, there are things you can do. Wear your perfume before wearing your piece and if you sweat while wearing it, wipe with a wet cloth after taking it off.

Measurement and customization

We work with gemstones the way nature allows us. As no two gemstones are the same, no two HoS pieces are the same and as a results approximate measurements provided above might slightly vary. If you have a preference about the size of a piece, let us know by leaving a note in your order and we will craft your piece accordingly at no additional cost.

Maintenance and repairs

HoS pieces are meant to be saved and transferred over generations. Though we only craft only with the top quality gemstones and use the most advanced goldsmith techniques known, if your piece needs a retouch, we are here to help at a fair cost. Feel free to contact us to us to get a quote. Please note replacing a gemstone is subject to its availability.

Shipping and tracking

Procurement locations

We have two procurement locations, one in the U.S. and the other in Turkey. We usually ship North America orders from our U.S. location and the rest of the world from Turkey. Origin of your shipment depends on proximity, speed, and availability of your purchase.

Tracking and support throughout

We are here to support you throughout your order and make sure your piece is delivered to you at your desired time. We provide fulfilment updates, share tracking information and get in touch with you if there's anything to inform you.

International shipping and customs

If you are purchasing from outside the U.S. or Turkey, your custom officers may ask you to pay customs tax depending on your country's customs practices. We work with world-class shipping services, who are experts to help you handle this process if you need to. Kindly note, we don't take responsibility for customs practices, fees and taxes of your home country.

How differently we apply gold over silver

1-micron 24k gold filled over 925 sterling silver

All of our metal pieces including our patented HoS Lock™ are 925 sterling silver. For all gold, white gold, and pink gold models we apply a 1-micron 24k gold fill over 925 sterling silver. The only exception to this is our black pieces. They are 1-micron rhodium filled over 925 sterling silver.

Using only standard and valuable metals appreciates the value of your piece and makes it a timeless invesment.

Difference between gold-fill over silver and others

We craft all of our metal pieces by filling with 1-micron 24k gold over 925 sterling silver. This is done by applying a real layer of gold over the silver and it's fundamentally different from alternatives such as gold-washing. Applying a real layer of gold increases the value and durability of your piece. This type of filling offers a great look for years before it requires re-plating, while alternatives on the other hand starts washing out after a few uses.


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